Wasabi is a mastermind of manuevering in the subtly of sound. This DJ/Producer hails from Santa Marta, Colombia and New Jersey now resides in Miami, has had his hands on the turntables since adolescence. He not only had the innate understanding of the actual skill of djing, but also the uncanny ability to excite a crowd of any size. Wasabi realized music has been part of his family for generations, as it runs deep in his blood and his heritage. Music became a major influence in his life, and opened his appetite to develop his own style in mixing and blending music, which led him in another direction of sound.

Wasabi birthed his first track called “Flauta y Fuego” (Flute and Fire), a passionate expression of roots of Colombia, with an original set by Master Flutist Mr. Oscar Romero with sampled vocals by the legendary Toto La Momposina. In sharing this single track with the Grammy Award winner Louie Vega, in his full support, led to his first original single track being added to the Vega Records Catalog

Recent Edits and Remixes include The Weeknd's "Starboy" / Drake’s "One Dance" and Alicia Keys’ "In Common"; with many original diverse genre produced tracks such as “Caderona” which is being introduced overseas in Spain, Italy, and Greece.
To keep up with Wasabi via social media follow @idjwasabi